About Me

Nobody Important is a pseudonym created and used by Ross Gray, to facilitate communicating an essential truth while also condensing and simplifying the real-life accomplishments, skills and qualities of the writer. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, Nobody has taken on a life of his own.

Ross worked as a Psychologist in the oncology program at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto for more than 20 years, and as Director of the Psychosocial & Behavioural Research Unit. He has had a passion for finding ways of making research relevant, and spearheaded a research-based drama program, which involved his writing and acting and travelling with troupes of actors, researchers and cancer survivors, nationally and internationally. Ross wrote Prostate Tales: Men’s Experiences with Prostate Cancer, and (with Christina Sinding) Standing Ovation: Performing Social Science Research About Cancer.

He has been a meditator and spiritual practitioner for more than 40 years, training in both Zen Buddhism and the Dzogchen mystery tradition.

After a decade in private practice, Ross has retired as a Psychologist. Now he writes and walks the dog.

It’s conceivable that Nobody Important and/or Ross Gray might be reachable at dr.rossgray@gmail.com.