In the beginning there was Gallivanting Through DOOM, and I was blown away by the enthusiastic response from people near and far, all wanting to know more about the possibilities for Gallivanting. The Hard Work of Gallivanting, co-authored with Ross Gray, was written in response to this enormous demand. Then in 2022, I took up a big, personally relevant topic and wrote How To Be An Oldster, which solves the age-old mystery of how to have a successful old age. And no, I’m not giving away any of the secrets here. You’ll have to check it out on Amazon, and pay the big money if you want to finally stop waking up in the middle of the night, scared to death about being old. Finally, and most recently, I was inspired by a very special puppy, and published The Wisdom Teachings of Master Tucker. Anyone interested in a full, meaningful, delightful life will absolutely want to check out Master Tucker!