In the beginning there was Gallivanting Through DOOM, in which I made the case that we’re all doomed in so many, many ways. Surprisingly, this was not a national bestseller. Nevertheless, following publication there were a bunch of requests for me to say a lot more about how gallivanting might save the day, and that led to the writing of The Hard Work of Gallivanting.  Next up, I took on a big, personally relevant topic and wrote How To Be An Oldster, which solves the age-old mystery of how to have a successful old age. And no, I’m not giving away any of the secrets here. You’ll have to check it out on Amazon, and pay the big money if you want to finally stop waking up in the middle of the night, scared to death about being old.  Moving on, my most recent books are The Wisdom Teachings of Master Tucker, about a very special puppy with a lot of opinions, and Cavorting With Death, which you will probably want to skip unless you’re at risk of dying someday. I’ve also been branching out, writing a monthly relationship advice column called Questionable Advice, for the prestigious Bluffs Monitor newspaper. And I’ve started giving public talks based on the material I’ve been developing for my comedic publications. I will soon be charging exorbitant fees, so you might want to make an invitation while you can still afford me.